HeadLine HeadLine "Amir" expands international links.

The firm "AMIR" constantly improves kachestvo and expands its product range, using advanced scientific research, technology and equipment, developing business relationships with world leaders in their field of activity. One such firm is GCHahn & Co of Germany. Founded in 1848, c 1955. specializing in systems for the stabilization of food products, with offices in many countries, including Moldova. Based on the extensive experience of research, technology development, equipment, she has developed a formulation based on more than 200 kinds of natural products and raw materials.

22-25 April 2001 executives of the company Fahar S. Fakih and Feras S. Fakih paid a working visit to the office of the company town of Lubeck, where they learned more about the latest developments regarding the ice cream industry, technology, equipment, recipes and ingredients.

As a result of the visit the sides agreed on further cooperation, which will provide improved quality, diversity of products that serves the interests of both the company and its future, as well as buyers. The results of the visit were reviewed and approved by the Governing Body of the firm.

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