Ice cream storage

Behind some exception, the majority of foodstuffs should be fresh. It concerns also some ice cream. The industry shows however to ice cream some requirements on terms of its storage. Good conditions of storage are the precondition of high quality after storage within several months.

   In storage time can become appreciable chemical and physical defects. From the chemical point of view more often we face with process of oxidation. First of all it is shown in paper smack, which quickly develops, in strongly pronounced smack of oxidation. For deduction of oxidation in allowable limits it is necessary to use the appropriate packing.

   Most frequently meeting physical change occurs on a surface of ice cream in packing. These are large crystals of ice which result to that ice cream is perceived as too cold on taste. Such change is marked at sharp fluctuations of temperature in a storage time or owing to a temperature shock during transportation. To remove this lack it is possible only improvement of conditions of storage. Sometimes ice cream transport in isolated packages, but this not cheap decision of a problem.

   Many new kinds of ice cream, such as eskimo on a stick, are decorated with chocolate glaze, which can lower influence of a temperature shock and lower oxidation.

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