Joint Moldovan-Jordanian enterprise "Amir" L.T.D.

   On the 31 of January 1995 the State Registration Chamber at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova issued "The Certificate of Enterprise Registry N 177002253". The new Mold-Jordan joint venture was established in Kishinev, the Republic of Moldova, Stefan cel Mare St. 4, of. 402.

   Its founders became young businessmen, graduates of the Moldova State University. They were the beginning economist, the citizen of the Republic of Moldova Mihailova Nadejda Olegovna and doctor of mathematics, the citizen of the Kingdom of Jordan Derar Suleman Fakeeh. They called their new enterprise in the honor of their son Amir, which in Arabian language means "The Ruler".

   At first the enterprise was not supposed to work in the appointed field of activity, but after the market research was being carried out and analyzed the founders decided to concentrate their attention on the ice cream. Their decision was also been influenced by the experience they gained while working with well known Jordan ice cream manufacturer "ATA ALI".

   Thus in the Republic of Moldova has appeared the snack in the modern and attractive package with diverse names, composition, tastes and prices, which is as just good as the same foreign products and even better than local. This is the ice cream of JV "AMIR".

   Our firm was the first who, taking care of its customers and sellers, began to provide such services as transportation of the product directly to seller and sell the special refrigerators.

   Our firm was the first who, taking care of its customers and sellers, began to provide such services as transportation of the product directly to seller and sell the special refrigerators. The growing popularity and demand on our ice cream has created the favorable conditions for production of our ice cream in Moldova. In 1995 we equipped our first division on the base of Strashenian Refrigerator and at the same time began to build our own factory, where in 1998 had started the first production line.

   This has allowed expanding a range, to improve quality, to increase quantity of ice cream.

   It is necessary to emphasize, that the basic components for our production milk, butter, sugar, cream, honey, walnuts and other components, are as local, Moldavian production, which were acquired from local firms from Beltsi, Bendery, Kupchino, Kishinev, Caushan, Ribnitsi, etc.

   Alongside with it "AMIR" has established and has adjusted independently and through the intermediary firm "Faqieh Establishment" from Jordan -Amman the stable business attitudes with well-known European firms, that has allowed us to equip the enterprise with the advanced equipment. They are such firms as DC-SYSTEM INSULATION A/S, GRAM A/S, TETRA PAK, WCB ICE CREAM, SABROE REFRIGIRATION A/S, and other of Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and other, at which we have acquired refrigerating systems, compressors, freezers, packing machines and other equipment and packing materials. Such important components of ice cream as cocoa, coconut and palm oil we receive from Malaysia.

   Our basic production the ice cream is produced on a dairy and fruit basis of three kinds: dairy, creamy, berry, such as eskimo, plombir chocolate and vanilla etc., monolayered and multilayered; covered with chocolate glaze and without it; diverse fillers: a pineapple, orange, banana, kiwi, strawberry, mandarin etc., bright diverse, attractive, hygienic - safe packing, wafer glasses, polystirol baskets, diverse color scale - red, yellow, green etc., weight from 55 g up to 5 kg packed on 6, 24, 30, 40 and 50 pieces in a box.

   The original names, which are taking into, account traditions of both countries: Jordan and Moldavia. Due to this and constant aspiration to improvement we now make and sell more than 20 kinds of ice cream: Martisor, Evantai, Cornisor, Wave, Mix, Crunch, a Choco-bar, absolutely recently have adjusted the production of new ice creams Plombir and Sandwich.

   All components both finish products pass testing and approbation, with reception of the appropriate certificates at state Scientific - practical center of Hygiene and Epidemiological of the Republic of Moldavia (Hygienic certificate) and Department MoldStandart (Certificate of conformity).

   Beautifully decorated by different kinds of ice creams "Mercedes" trucks of firm "AMIR" know old and youth in Kishinev, Beltsi, Bendery, Tiraspol, Orheev, Soroca, Ocnitsa, Edinets, Ribnitsa, Comrat, Vulkaneshti and all other the territory of the Republic of Moldavia, and as on Ukraine and first of all Odessa region.

   The success of «AMIR»'s achieves due to energy, creative search and aspiration to perfection, management and first of all of its General director and his deputy. Not only experts from Jordan are staying for honor of the mark and enterprise, but also all workers of firm "AMIR", which in majority are the inhabitants of Moldavia.

   The popularity of our ice cream has forced the local manufacturers will be reconstructed, to expand a range, to improve quality, to proceed to the European materials of packing, to use modern special means of delivery of a storage and realization, from it the buyers, for the sake of which we are working, have won first of all.

   Nowadays firm "AMIR" SRL is one of the leading manufacturers of ice cream in the Republic of Moldavia, which stably works and expands it's sphere of the activity and services.

   The items of information on our firm are published in the following information editions:

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